We understand that your sailboat is important to you and more than likely one of your most expensive assets. Don’t not settle for insurance that is based just on price. The cover provided by the policy and insurer’s claims management reputation are important factors in selecting the insurer.

How can we help?

From our perspective every risk we are asked to insure is different, whilst you may own a popular brand name or custom built sail boat, your risk will be different to another sail boat owner and should be insured taking these factors into account.

Whether you are purely cruising or like to race your sail boat in most cases we are able to arrange comprehensive cover inclusive of accidental loss or damage through events such as collision, sinking, grounding, fire, vandalism, storm or theft, coverage would also include liability and personal accident coverage.

Depending on the insurers, additional benefits may also be able to be included in your policy.

Don’t just renew your insurance, have it reviewed, email or call us, we’ll provide a no obligation review and if required, provide alternatives quotes for your consideration.